Campbell Management, Inc. is a Louisiana corporation formed in 1993; 100% of its stock is owned by Brian D. Campbell.

The primary business of this company is providing management and administrative support services to multi-family and commercial projects owned and developed by Brian D. Campbell and his affiliates.

1996 - December 2006
The Park on Bluebonnet is a 352-unit upscale multifamily apartment community located on Bluebonnet Blvd at Perkins Road. The first phase, 272 units, was built by Campbell Companies in 1995-96 with first occupancy in June of 1996. Expansion of Phase II was completed in 1999, which consists of 80 additional units, with first occupancy in June of 1999. Property was sold in December of 2006 with 98% occupancy

2001 - May 2006
Live Oak Trace is a 264-unit multifamily apartment community located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Construction began in September 2001 with first occupancy in March 2002. This property was sold in May of 2006 with 98% occupancy.

2003 - October 2006
The Park at Covington is a 264 unit upscale property located in Covington, Louisiana. Construction on this property began in September 2003 and first occupancy was in July 2004. Substantial completion was filed for on December 23, 2004. Sold in October of 2006 with 98% occupancy.

2000 - 2004
Villages at North Gate is a 288-unit multifamily apartment community located at the north gates of Louisiana State University. This property has undergone a major renovation and rehab. At the time the property was acquired, the occupancy was 65%. At the time of the sale the property was 98% occupied.

1986 - 1998
Campbell & Campbell Inc. - Developed, owned and operated 8 TCBY Yogurt Stores in the Greater New Orleans area. Annual gross revenues exceeded $2,000,000. Business was sold in 1998.

1991 - 2001
Kingston Point is a 155 unit multifamily apartment complex located in the South Sherwood Forest area of Baton Rouge, LA. When the property was acquired it was 40% vacant due to down units. All down units were completely rehabbed and put back into commercial use The property was sold in January 2001.

1993 - 2000
Goodwood Place is a 184 unit multifamily apartment complex located in the Old Goodwood area of Baton Rouge, LA. When the property was purchased its rents were well below the market and extensive rehab was needed. The property has undergone significant rehab and currently earns market rates. Average occupancy for 1999 was 98.3%. Goodwood was sold January 2000.

2000 - 2001
Christian Street Townhomes LLC: Developed, built and sold 21 townhomes.